Business /Career Counseling

Do you need guidance regarding your business or career?

Do you have problems in your business or are you stuck in your career? Could you use the help of an expert?
 Sometimes we just need to talk things through with an unbiased and objective person to make sense of a problem or to figure out what the next step in our career or business should be.
Heleen has a unique combination of professional training in career counseling, as well as years of experience in co-managing a successful small business. She will help you sort through concerns involving decision making, developing occupational and life skills,  finding the right job hunting tools, or figuring out human resource related questions for your business. She can also help you explore other areas of concern through professional assessments and inventories.


Brief or Single SessionTherapy

Are you anxious about your career? Does the uncertainty about your future makes you anxious?
Do you need therapy that is FAST and EFFECTIVE?
Life Solutions  offers Single Session Therapy (SST) or Brief Therapy that can last anywhere from one to twelve sessions, depending on the client and the specific issue or needs.  The idea that you can sort out your problem right here and right now and walk away with a concrete plan and resources is very empowering to clients. 
 However, brief therapy is not appropriate or effective in all instances, but in situations concerning career and business related problems, brief therapy can be very helpful and effective.
Contact us today to see if brief therapy may be of help to you.

Online Counseling For Busy People

Do you have issues to discuss with a counselor but simply don’t have the time to jump through all the hoops?
We recognize that seeing a counselor in person can be time consuming and not practical for busy individuals. For this reason we offer ONLINE counseling through a secure client portal. You can simply close your office door and talk with a counselor online to find solutions to some of your business or staff related issues. No more finding an office, looking for parking, and wasting time in a waiting room. Simply book your session online, pay, and log on for friendly and effective counsel. 

Benefits of Career Counseling

Not sure if career or business counseling will help you? Take a look at the beneffirst:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses: 
  • Set goals
  • Explore options
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Self branding

Contace us to find out more about career or business counseling and how we can help you.